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    Cryo-ablation is a process that uses a controlled extreme cold to eliminate bad tissue and treat prostate cancer. This process is used mostly when surgery isn’t an option for the patient. During cryo-ablation, a needle like probe is inserted into the area where the cancer is thought to be located, and a super cooled gas is used to freeze the bad tissue, then it is given time to thaw, hopefully killing off all the cancerous cells. This can be repeated as much as necessary in a single session. This method of treatment is relatively effective in the treatment of prostate cancer, but, like any other prostate treatment process, it could lead to impotence.

     The main downside of cryo-ablation treatment is that it is not cancer specific. Treatment will not only destroy the cancer cells within the prostate, but will also damage or destroy other cells during the freezing as well. There are 3 main types of patients who generally qualify for this sort of treatment. The first are patients who sexual function isn’t very important, or who are poor candidates for other treatments. The next is a patient who has already failed brachytherapy or external radiation therapy. The last is for patients who only have small tumors, or for patients who are younger.

     Cryo-ablation isn’t only for prostate patients, while those are the most common. This type of therapy can also be used to treat renal, cardiac, and fibroadenoma patients. The basic procedure is the same for all different parts of the body for which cryo-ablation is an adequate treatment.

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Hair loss may be related to Orlando Prostate Cancer according to a recent study read by Urology Health Solutions, Inc. The occurrence of hair loss is common among adult men in America. It is learned that factors including androgens and heritability are linked to developing a result in both male pattern hair thinning and this kind of growth. MPB is proven to affect about One half of the men population. The tested link between this kind of melanoma and hair loss is still an interest of research so far.

Scientific studies done to ascertain the relation involving this type of growth as well as hair loss show that men who have hair loss earlier have a incidence of getting this type of growth at a later date. Hair loss is genetic; androgen is implicated in the growth of MPB and this kind of growth. Hair loss situation comes before this kind of growth in many instances.

The actual mechanisms resulting in the occurrence of male pattern baldness as well as this kind of growth remains unknown. What is grasped that these two disorders have a common epidemiological and biological risk factors which feature aging, hereditary androgenic and metabolism .

The detailed biological elements as well as epidemiological have resulted in a typical hypothesis the melanoma of male reproductive organ and baldness are connected. At present, hair thinning is utilized to estimate the existence of this kind of growth in men. Studies have discovered that men with MPB have a fairly 50% additional chances of acquiring.

All over again, this connection is made clear by using androgen processing, aging, as well as genetic aspects. It's assumed these specific parameters execute a vital role in happening of MPB as well as the subject cancer. MPB can be used as a biological indicator of getting older hence MPB helps you anticipate pathological processes linked to aging including carcinogenesis and atherogenesis. Androgen can be regarded as a major factor that has contributed substantially to MPB and this growth conditions.

A biological hormone called DHT promotes both the proliferation of prostate gland cells as well as baldness, and so men who were discovered as having this kind of growth were more likely to grow bald. Many research indicates that men with thinning hair have an increased potential for getting this kind of growth. Baldness is employed clinically as being a function to gauge a individuals vulnerability probability to this kind of growth.

The testing people and wellness training strategies has triggered differentiation of individuals with higher risk of getting prostate cancer. Based upon research performed on the association regarding this kind of growth and male MPB, bald men at the age of 20 are at a high susceptibility of getting this melanoma later in their life.

The price of using the link between MPB and this sort of cancer is it lets you identify vulnerable families of men liable to acquiring this kind of growth. These sets of folks are observed closely to make sure that down the road, in case they've acquired prostate cancer, it's identified in early stages and handled. Because early hair thinning can be a risk element for melanoma of male reproductive organs, then it is okay to advise men with early hair loss to get more regular screening by Urology Health Solutions, Inc. for any symptoms of Orlando Prostate Cancer .

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As you may have read from our previous Orange County Prostate Cancer blog “Orlando prostate Cancer Detection Using 3D Mapping” by Urology Health Solutions Inc., 3D Mapping offers a superior advantage over traditional detection techniques.

Not too far in the past patients were given something called a TRUS biopsy to gather tissue samples and test if they were cancerous. TRUS biopsy stands for Transrectal Ultrasound. Much like 3D Mapping it provides images of the prostate and surrounding tissue which allows the physician to gather samples from the prostate to test.

Using the Gleason Score metric, the cells are compared to healthy cells, and assigns a score that marks their current state.

The 3D Mapping technology is superior to TRUS for three key reasons:

1. The procedure is sterile and a large amount of samples can be safely gathered due to the insertion point which is in the perineum (area behind the scrotum and in front of the rectum).

2. A big advantage is the samples are taken at perfect 5mm intervals enabling doctors to accurately label where each sample was taken from so that when test come back they know EXACTLY where the cancerous cell was found.

3. Patients are comfortable during this procedure as they are under heavy sedation or using general anesthesia in order to reduce the amount of pain and discomfort felt.

The startling fact is that due to this refined biopsy testing, over 50% of patients who were originally thought to have one sided or smaller amount of cancerous tissue, are being found to have two sided, larger volumes of cancer.

Where patients were only “on-watch” they now realize that they actually have a more aggressive diagnosis and must be treated sooner. While this may be bad news for the patient at first, it is a blessing as well because it means that patients receive an accurate diagnosis, and doctors can better target and treat the area to rid the cancer instead of finding out later that there was a cancerous area that was missed. The likelihood that a patient must undergo treatment again due to “reoccurring” cancer is greatly lowered.

For more information about 3D mapping call your Orange County Prostate Cancer specialists Urology Health Solutions Inc. today.


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The medical industry has recognized the benefits modern technology can provide in practice including Orlando Prostate Cancer detection using 3D prostate mapping used by Urology Health Solutions Inc. This revolution in industry has led to advancements in the ability to screen, diagnose as well as treat conditions including cancer. With 3 dimensional systems more men are assisted in terms of efficiency, accuracy and faster results based on individual examinations.

In order to provide patients with the best possible options, technology has been revised to improve upon research and diagnostics. This approach may be described as similar to the process involved in breast cancer detection in women. This is good news for patients as no longer will invasive biopsies and other methods need to be applied in order to detect the presence of particular cancerous growths and conditions.

This type of imaging can deliver increased accuracy in the provision of results so that the most suitable methods may be advised upon for future health. Scientists as well as practitioners have endorsed this type of technology when it comes to the progression and treatment of this condition. The presence of a malignant tumor can be performed by the professional with improved accuracy using 3D technology.

Due to the decrease in the invasive nature of getting tested, more men may be tested to prevent dire consequences. Where the detection of cancerous tissue is obtained at the earliest possible stage, it allows for a better prognosis and outcomes for the patient. The latest alternatives are able to deliver the results that were previously obtained through more conventional methods.

Modern techniques and tools differ from traditional approaches in terms of its invasiveness and the ability to take an in depth look at the development of cancerous tissue. Ongoing research has revealed that the implementation of such devices is considered safe so the outcome is more reliable. It is essential that one consult with medical practitioners and determine which methods will best serve their needs.

The procedure can be implemented on an outpatient basis as it does not involve an invasive technique and instead produces a 3D image of the prostate. This enables the professional locate where the cancer is positioned as well as the size of the tumor. Where cells have been obtained in order to identify cancerous tissue it cannot provide detailed results such as location and disease progression.

Individuals will be better equipped to manage the condition as methods tailored to individual needs will be developed. The accuracy of detection plays a significant role in receiving early treatment and therefore a better prognosis. This form of technology is in the early stages of development and can provide numerous benefits when it comes to the revolution in medical industry.

With more men having routine examinations performed, more lives can be saved. Professionals can determine the appropriate technique that will achieve the desired outcome based on the earliest possible intervention. In Orlando Prostate Cancer detection using 3D prostate mapping such as that done by Urology Health Solutions Inc., this can assist in the efficiency of processes and the ability to assist in working towards a healthier state of living.

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Orlando Prostate Cancer is one of the most prevalent types of cancer in the central Florida region. A lot of men are suffering from this dangerous, yet curable disease. Fortunately, many years of medical research have given us the treatment for this serious form of cancer.
Orlando Prostate Cancer, as the name suggests, is a kind of cancer that develops in the gland of a male reproductive system, the prostate. Prostate cancer can grow from the prostate to other parts of the body, such as bones. 
Mostly males over 50 suffer from this type of cancer. Some symptoms of prostate cancer are:
Frequent Urination
Pain in the bones (pelvis, vertebrae)
Painful Urination
The research on the topic is continued. Some causes for the disease are:
For a fact, a man whose father or brother is suffering, or has suffered from prostate cancer has a higher chance of having the disease.
Medical Exposure
Certain medical procedures and medical conditions are interlinked with prostate cancer. For example, inflammation or any infection in the prostate can cause prostate cancer.
Having an unbalanced diet can cause prostate cancer. Bioengineers are still busy researching on the topic, and no regression line has been drawn, linking prostate cancer to diet, but it is believed that a high intake of red meat can cause prostate cancer, if other important foods are neglected.
Orlando Prostate Cancer is widely spreading due to the aging factor. As it is more common among 50+ men, Orlando is one of the cities with a high rate of men with prostate cancer.
You can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Even though there is no proven strategy, some important precautionary measures are:
Healthy Diet
It is very important to have a healthy diet. As some doctors consider diet as one of the major reasons for prostate cancer, it is very important to have a healthy, balanced diet. In order to stay healthy, choose a low fat diet, eat more fruits and vegetables and cut down on meat, increase your green tea intake and say good-bye to alcohol.
Controlled Weight
It is proven that men who are fat run a higher risk of prostate cancer. If you are overweight (depends on your height, age) then lose weight. You can do so by cutting down on your calorie consumption and controlling calories. Exercise is also necessary to remain fit. It greatly helps fight against prostate cancer.
Talk to the Doctor
Since prostate cancer is hereditary, one should talk to the doctor about it in case any first-class relative (brother, father) is suffering or has suffered from this disease.
Some men find it embarrassing to talk about their disease, but they need to understand that talking is very important. No one would be able to provide you a solution until they know what the problem really is.
Orlando Prostate Cancer is a curable disease. No matter where you are, in Florida or any other state in the U.S., there are various prostate cancer hospitals that all have the latest technology and surgeons willing to help you get rid of your disease.
Orlando Prostate Cancer is a major reason of concern for many authorities in Orlando. New research institutes and hospitals are opening regularly to help people. Some of the methods of treatment are:
Doctors go for surgery when the patient is healthy and has a better chance of survival.
Perineal prostatectomy and radical prostatectomy are some of the surgeries.
Biologic therapy (controls immune system); hormone therapy (removes hormones) and radiation therapy (kills cancer using rays) are all methods of treating prostate cancer. 
Research on new treatments is also regularly conducted. Hopefully soon we’ll control Orlando Prostate Cancer and have a healthy central Florida area.
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