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Cryotherapy is a very unique form of treatment for prostate cancer. It doesn’t require the use of a scalpel, but instead uses extreme cold to essentially freeze the cancer cells to death. As of now there are only a few long term studies that focus on this therapy for prostate cancer. This being said, the results I have encountered have generally been very positive.

A man’s prostate gland becomes the target of many different issues as he ages, and prostate cancer is becoming an almost common disease for men over 40. There are a variety of treatments out there with different benefits and downfalls, cryotherapy having both. It is always suggested that you consult with your doctor when looking for a treatment to something as serious as prostate cancer.

Living tissue, whether it is healthy or unhealthy cannot handle extreme cold. Cryotherapy preys on this by using a combination of nitrogen and argon gasses to almost instantly freeze the cancerous tissue within the prostate gland. The dead cancer tissue is then eaten up by white blood cells. Some studies actually support the claim that after cryotherapy, your immune system will actually come in and clean up the remaining cancerous tissue after the operation.

Cryotherapy is different from many other procedures, so be sure to consult with your prostate doctor to help decide what treatment will best work for you. Cryotherapy often times works better for patients with recurrent prostate cancer, so if this is your first run in with prostate cancer, you may want to look elsewhere before committing to a procedure such as cryotherapy.

For more information on cryotherapy, click here!

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