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Prostate cancer is well known to be one of the more common instances of cancer, but the question remains why? As a doctor that specializes in HIFU and Cryotherapy treatments for prostate cancer, I can tell you some of the most common risk factors associated with prostate cancer, and whether there are steps you can take to prevent these risks.


It may sound obvious, but the leading causes of prostate cancer is simply the age of the individual. Prostate cancer cells can arise at any time in a man's life, but beyond the age of 65, the chances of this occurrence rise. What can be viewed as good news is that traditionally the aggressiveness of prostate cancer cells diminish the older the patient is. Since this is something that you can't control, I can only tell you to  have your prostate checked regularly in order to avoid having prostate cancer develop to an advanced stage.


This is yet another aspect of your life that you can't control, but your family history is a potentially large risk factor for prostate cancer. It's found that men who have relatives that suffer from prostate cancer have a very high chance to also suffer from the disease. While you may not be able to change your family history, you can get regular screenings for prostate cancer around age 40 in order to detect any potential instances of prostate cancer cells.


Finally, we get to something that we can really pay attention to and change if we're going down the wrong path. As you're likely well aware, fatty foods are commonly associated with health problems and potentially cancerous cells. This is entirely the case with prostate cancer, as countries that have a predominantly meat and dairy focused diet have been found to have more instances of prostate cancer than those countries who subsist off rice and vegetables. While you may be a citizen of the meat and dairy heavy country, you can take the steps necessary to give yourself a better diet. Reduce the amount of fatty foods that you eat on a weekly basis, instead replacing these foods with grains and vegetables. You'll not only find that the chance for prostate cancer diminishes, but you'll also get better nutrients that your body needs.


Though there's not specific evidence as to why, it has been found that certain races of people are more inclined to get prostate cancer than others. African-American men tend to have prostate cancer occur 60% more often than white American men. Similarly, western countries have lower incidences of prostate cancer. Some theories return to the diet, as traditionally western countries live more on rice and vegetables than they do on fatty foods. However, this is not enough evidence to say for certain why these percentages vary.

Ultimately, the likelihood of prostate cancer is still very common, and some of the risk factors cannot be changed, but there are still steps you can take to prevent prostate cancer from developing. Changing your diet, stopping smoking, or generally just getting out and exercising have been found to drastically increase the quality of life while also reducing the risk for prostate cancer cells from forming.

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