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Having cryosurgery to treat your prostate cancer can be great solution for many, many men. It should be brought forward though that there are some notable side effects you should be aware of before moving forward with the procedure.

Erectile dysfunction is probably the most common side effect to cryosurgery. It occurs to roughly among 80% of patients who receive the procedure. This is a very high number, but this is one of only a handful of side effects associated with cryosurgery, making it a still highly desired form of prostate cancer treatment.

Cryosurgery involves inserting ultra thin needles into the prostate, and administering argon gas to the cancerous tissue. This causes the tissue to freeze, and ultimately kills off the tumor. The needles can be inserted through the skin, or during surgery. After the surgery is complete, the frozen cancerous tissue then thaws and is absorbed again by the body, but as a non-cancerous tissue.

While erectile dysfunction can seem like a sort a huge fallback to an otherwise fantastic procedure, when you look at the success rates associated with cryosurgery, it isn’t hard to understand why many men are still choosing to move forward with the procedure.

Always make sure that you sit down with your doctor before any surgery and discuss the benefits and draw backs to every option that is put in front of you. It is best to be knowledgeable about what is going on with your body, this way you know the correct way to ensure a happy healthy life in your future.

If you have any questions about prostate cancer or cryotherapy, feel free to contact me to set up an appointment. We can discuss your individual situation and see what the best choices are for you moving forward. 

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