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If you are on the fence about whether you really want to go through with a vasectomy or not, there are a few things that you should consider before making a decision either way. Also, be sure to talk to your doctor to see if a vasectomy is the right course of action. Here are a few things to think about on your own:

Vasectomies are safe, and they are effective!
There are only very rare cases where patients reported persistent pain. For the most part, vasectomies are safer and more effective than they female alternative.

Your sex drive won't suffer
Just because you can't make babies doesn't mean that your sex drive will go down. Many men worry that their testosterone with be affected, but it will not. A vasectomy only blocks your body's ability to impregnate a woman, it doesn't touch your sex drive, or even your ability to get and maintain an erection.

It doesn't happen overnight
Hopefully your doctor will tell you this too! Many men think that after a vasectomy, you no longer have working sperm. This isn't true. Sperm will still be in your system for up to 12 weeks. Having a semen analysis is the only way to be sure all sperm are gone, until then, be sure to practice other forms of birth control!

It can be reversed
Yup, you heard right. Although vasectomies are considered a permanent form of birth control, the procedure can be reversed. If you choose to get a reversal within 3 years of getting the vasectomy, there is a 97% success rate. Always be sure that you want to commit to this decision. If you are unsure about permanent birth control, contact your doctor to see other possible solutions.

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