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is revolutionary in terms of recovery time and how minimally invasive it is by nature. It is because of this that it is growing quickly in popularity regardless of it not being performed in the states as of yet. When compared to other traditional methods of prostate treatment, which can require invasive surgeries, and lengthy in patient recovery.

While as of now you can't get the procedure done in the US , many doctors like myself travel outside of the country to perform the procedure on you. Cryo-therapy is in the process of being FDA approved, and is looking positive thus far. The approval process is lengthy even for the most obvious shoe in of a procedure.

Being that there is no scalpel involved in the procedure, you run less of a chance of significant blood loss. This is critical for older patients. Cryo-therapy for prostate cancer consists simply of freezing the cancerous tissue until it is dead. While this is a known effective cure for prostate cancer, there is a chance you would have to get multiple sessions. This being said, cryo-therapy is one of the best known cures for prostate cancer thus far. If you have any further questions regarding the procedure, contact your doctor to see if this is the right path for you.

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