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Cryo-Therapy is a bit different than other forms of prostate cancer treatment, so naturally, the patients who qualify for this treatment will vary from different treatment methods. This form of therapy is generally recommended for men who are newly diagnosed with prostate cancer, but can also be available for patients who have had returning cancer after previous treatment sessions.

There have been many advancements in the treatment since it was first introduced. The amount of side effects has greatly lessened, as well as the severity of those that are still present. The most common side effect is issues with sexual dysfunction. So if you are still actively seeking to be sexually active, you may want to consider an alternative form of prostate cancer treatment.

The process of cryo-therapy is relatively non-invasive. It freezes the prostate tissue, and as a result the cancerous cells die. This is an appealing alternative than tradition surgery, as recovery time is much shorter, and the procedure is less painful. If you are considering any form of prostate cancer treatment, consult with your doctor to help determine what route is best for you.

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