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After prostate cancer diagnosis, you will have various options for which treatment will work best for you. With all the different procedures out there, its pertinent that you do your research and talk with your doctor before committing to any one treatment. Cryotherapy is a relatively new procedure, but is quickly growing in popularity amongst men with prostate cancer. 
Cryotherapy is relatively non-invasive when compared to traditional surgery or chemo therapy.  Instead of cutting away at cancerous tissue in your prostate, or simply removing it, cryotherapy uses highly localized blasts of subzero temperatures to freeze away the bad tissue. This procedure is more appealing to patients who previously thought the only treatment for cancer was traditional surgery.
Apart from the minimally invasive nature of the procedure, there are many other benefits to cryotherapy. It has a reduced period of recovery when compared to other procedures, and additionally, has less of a chance of there being a significant amount of blood loss. Patients also reported that the pain after they had it done was less than they expected, and far less than the pain they would have encountered if they opted for traditional prostate cancer surgery. Although cryotherapy is still in its baby stages, and occasionally requires multiple operations to be successful, the benefits far outweigh that single downfall.
Dr. Lotenfoe has performed this procedure numerous times, among other forms of prostate cancer treatment. If you are hesitant about it, or have questions, we are here to help. Prostate cancer is scary, and it's expected that you will need help getting on the right track. Cryotherapy is definitely a procedure to consider.

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