Benefits of Cryotherapy

When you are searching for prostate cancer treatments in the Orlando area, you will have a lot of options. 

cryo therapy imageCryotherapy offers several advantages over other methods of prostate cancer treatment. It is a minimally invasive surgery, involving only  small punctures of the cryoprobe through the skin.  Because physicians can focus cryotherapy treatment on a limited area, they can avoid the destruction of nearby healthy tissue. Cryotherapy can be done using only regional anesthesia.  Consequently, pain, bleeding, and other complications of surgery are minimized. Cryotherapy requires shorter recovery time and in general no hospital stay at all.  The patient can return to their normal activities within a few days of the procedure.
Cryotherapy is a great option for patients who have had radiation failures for their prostate cancer.  Cryotherapy is a safe procedure with less morbidity when compared to other prostate cancer treatments.
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