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man looking into distanceHave you just been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer?  After the shock wears off you need to find a prostate cancer treatment that will suit your needs.  Doctors may recommend surgery, radiation, hormonal treatment or observation.  If that doesn't appeal to you, what are your other options in the Orlando area?

Dr. Richard Lotenfoe of Celebration, Florida specializes in prostate cancer management,  especially minimally invasive and super minimally invasive procedures for prostate cancer. One of Dr. Lotenfoe's areas of expertise is performing Cryotherapy and Focal Cryotherapy to treat prostate cancer.

Cryotherapy is a minimally invasive, outpatient (same day) prostate cancer procedure that uses ultra-thin needles to produce ice balls of extreme sub-zero temperatures. Dr. Lotenfoe uses ultrasound to accurately guide insertion of the needles to precisely control the size and shape of the ice balls and monitor the freezing. With Focal Cryotherapy, Dr. Lotenfoe only treats the part of the prostate that is involved with the prostate cancer, therefore minimizing side effects such as sexual dysfunction and loss of urinary control.

Cryotherapy is typically a 1-2 hour procedure and is an outpatient procedure There is minimal pain and discomfort afterwards. Patients generally are mobile the same day and can fully return to a normal routine within a few days.

To see if Cryotherapy is right for you, call the Orlando Cryo Center today at 407-584-7771.

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